I Am Who? invites children into creative activities designed to enhance their well being. It is also a child’s life book to be kept forever.

Cited by UNICEF as a “ Best Practice” therapeutic tool, I Am Who? invites children into creative activities designed to enhance their emotional well being. At the same time, I Am Who? is a child’s memory book to be kept and treasured for a lifetime.

I Am Who? brings hope and healing to the hearts of children. Each child creates their own life book, answering the question,”I Am Who?”.

Author Janice Neilson, drawing upon over thirty years work with vulnerable children in ten countries, provides comforting and effective aid for children dealing with identity and self-identification issues, whether induced by loss and trauma or by ordinary life. Neilson’s book takes the child through increasingly deeper, uplifting arts activities including music, movement, creative drama, drawing/painting/collage/photography, story listening, story telling, personal reflection, poetry writing. Children love these activities and the illustrations by artist Diana Magnuson.

Although all children need nutrition, housing, health care, school and family support, they also deeply need sustained and effective psycho-social intervention. Studies confirm aid worker’s observations that many vulnerable children experience depression. Programs are needed to help children acknowledge their loss of loved ones, gain a sense of self-worth and place in the world, and come to believe that they can and will have a future.

During 2007-2009 over 400 children – already receiving help with material needs – received the psycho-social help provided by this resource. over a period of one year. A formal evaluation found depression in the children dramatically reduced. In a typical instance, the number of depressed children dropped from 89% to 5%. At the same time self esteem increased from 9% to 90%.